4th Newsletter, February 2011


THE PLE CONFERENCE Newsletter – 4th Edition
No. 4, September 2010

This newsletter provides you with the latest updates on THE PLE CONFERENCE

THE PLE CONFERENCE 2010 in Barcelona, Spain
Hashtag #PLE_BCN

The PLE Conference 2011 in Southampton, UK

http://www.pleconf.com (in operation soon!) Hashtag #PLE_SOU

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1. The 2010 PLE Conference in Barcelona in retrospective
2. PLE_BCN online survey – thank you for your feedback!
3. Reviews and publication of PLE_BCN submissions
4. PLE_SOU: The PLE Conference Southampton 2011
5. The PLE Conference social network – keep in touch & share!
1. The 2010 PLE Conference in Barcelona in retrospective
The PLE Conference in Barcelona was intended to produce a space for researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas, experience and research around the development and implementation of PLEs including the design of environments, sociological and educational issues and their effectiveness and desirability as (informal) learning spaces.

We believe that with everyone’s contribution and participation, we helped creating a different conference format, and we intend to keep future editions as innovative, open and creative as 2010’s. Thanks for your help!

Here are some voices of conference participants:

“Congratulations to the
PLE_BCN team for organising a great event in Barcelona – fabulous venue, interactive sessions, interesting people (with over-large egos refreshingly absent) and lovely food.” (Lisa Harris, Lisaharrismarketing.com)

For me and many others who attended (both physically and virtually) was probably the most connected event we have experienced.” (Steven Wheeler, Learning with the ‘e’s)

“The PLE Conference was an amazing experience for me as a member of the organizing committee and as a participant at the same time.” (Ilona Buchem, mediendidaktik 2.0)

“The PLE Conference is, without any doubt, one of the more interesting projects/events/situations I have been involved ever.” (Linda Castañeda, Mushware educativo)

“This was a great event, full of ideas and experimentation, in a very informal atmosphere that provided great chances for interesting conversations and sharing.” (José Mota, S/R)

Selected blogposts on PLE_BCN
Graham Attwell http://ow.ly/2Bm0B/
Ismael Peña-López http://ow.ly/2BlXV + http://ow.ly/2BnMD
George Couros http://ow.ly/2BlUu + http://ow.ly/2Bnxu
Steve Wheeler http://ow.ly/2Bm3r
Rita Kop http://ow.ly/2Bm4N
Linda Castañeda http://ow.ly/2BlX3
Ilona Buchem http://ow.ly/2BlVf + http://ow.ly/2BnX3
Su White http://ow.ly/2BlVX
LeContract project  http://ow.ly/2BlTH
Lisa Harris http://ow.ly/2BlSr
Gabriela Grosseck http://ow.ly/2BmaU
Ainhoa Ezeiza http://ow.ly/2BlR2
José Mota http://ow.ly/2BlYR
Joyce Seitzinger http://ow.ly/2BlZE
Terje Väljataga: http://ow.ly/2Bonf
Evaristo Ovide http://ow.ly/2Bm1Q
Hans Poldoja  http://ow.ly/2Bm2A
Alexandra Saz http://ow.ly/2Bm5i
Citilab http://ow.ly/2Bm6j

Selected Flickr PLE_BCN photo collections
Citilab Flickr

Flickr PLE_BCN (search) / Flickr PLE_BCN group (1) / Flickr PLE_BCN group (2)

SlideShare (search) http://ow.ly/2BnRs

2. PLE_BCN online survey – thank you for your feedback!
We would like to thank you again for your interest and participation in The 2010 PLE Conference in Barcelona. We hope you enjoyed it and would like to ask you to help us improve future editions, by filling in our online survey.

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions!

Click here to take part in our PLE_BCN Online Survey . Thank you!
3. Reviews and publication of PLE_BCN submissions
The reviews of PLE_BCN submission under way. Full and short papers submitted to the PLE_BCN Conference will be published in a number of journals.

The first special edition we published was in the Digital Education Review journal (DER) (formerly Interactive Educational Multimedia journal). A special issue of the International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments (which will be also supporting PLE_SOU !) is currently being edited, and two more journal issues are in the way. We will keep you posted.

Publications at the PLE Conference website
Full Papers
Short Papers
Other submissions
And to follow Sounds of the Bazaar LIVe events throughout the summer join he Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=46907374852
4. PLE_SOU: The PLE Conference Southhampton 2011
Following the highly successful inaugural event in Barcelona (#PLE_BCN), the next PLE Conference will be held at the University of Southampton  (#PLE_SOU) from July 6th – 8th 2011.  The PLE Conference 2011 is intended to produce a space for researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas, experience and research around the development and implementation of PLEs  – including the design of environments and the sociological and educational issues that they raise. Whilst the conference includes a traditional research paper strand, we also encourage proposals for sessions in different formats including workshops, posters, debates, cafe sessions and demonstrations.

The organisers welcome ‘expressions of interest’ from anyone who might like to:

·         Suggest an appropriate keynote speaker

·         Join the conference committee

·         Champion a relevant theme or workshop

We aim to sustain the dynamic and interactive discussion environment established by the opening event in Barcelona in 2010. You can see more details about the Call for Contributions here

Web: http://www.pleconf.com
E-Mail: info@pleconf.com
Hashtag: #PLE_SOU
Find out more about Southhampton
Find out more about University of Southhampton
5. The PLE Conference social network – keep in touch & share!
As you may have noticed through the Twitter channel, PLE_BCN is now PLE_SOU, as the 2011 edition will take place in Southampton, UK.

We will keep on using the crowdvine site http://pleconference.crowdvine.com where everyone interested in the conference can congregate. Do join it, if you haven’t already. It is a nice opportunity to learn what other people are doing and identify researchers and practitioners who you might want to meet personally at PLE_SOU in 2011.

Join! Now!

We encourage everyone to spread the word and write about the PLE Conference on the Web! When writing a blogpost, a Tweet, uploading photos to Flickr and videos to YouTube, saving your bookmarks or publishing any other information about the PLE Conference, please use the tag #PLE_BCN for the past PLE Conference in 2010 and #PLE_SOU for the coming PLE conference in Southhampton in 2011.

Share your links on the PLE Conference in our Diigo Group!
Till soon!
Your PLE Organising Committee.

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